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Allkpop Awards ~

Posted on 2011.01.04 at 11:49
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Hello readers! (None of you ><)
So just minutes ago, I finished reading the results for allkpop awards 2010. Basically it's a bunch of crazy people voting on several categories such as Artist of the year, Song of the Year, Best Choreography etc. of kpop 2010. Here are the resutls:

Best Male Solo Artist: Taeyang
My vote was actually not Taeyang (no hating!) because I knew he would win. xD So I decided to stick up for the other artists. I think half the time I voted for Se7en and the other half for Jay Park. So I wasn't actually surprised that Taeyang won it. He deserved it :)

Best Female Solo Artist: BoA
Absolutely no surprise what-so-ever. It was even more obvious than Taeyang. BoA always has been/will be a kpop legend. Performance, vocal and dance wise. I actually didn't vote for BoA either because I knew she would win. xD. So my votes were actually Ga-In and occasionally Narsha.

Best Male Group: Super Junior
2010 was definitely a Super Junior year. They came back with a brilliant album, and worked very hard for their fans despite having one member in the army, one on probation and one in Taiwan. Personally, I expected Super Junior to win so ... lol yes I did vote for them. I voted for a bunch of groups really simply because I have many biases. But yes, Super Junior ftw!

Best Female Group: 2ne1
No surprise there. 2ne1 dominated Mnet awards (although I am a firm believer that the results then were rigged.) Popularity wise, SNSD might've had a chance but at the same time, 2ne1 did make a huge comeback with a wonderful album. *cough SNSD can't sing cough* So yup ^^

Rookie Artist: Miss A
Personally, I feel no attachment at all towards any of the rookie groups so I can't say much however, I have seen a few of Miss A's performances and considering "Bad Girl Good Girl" did have a huge impact even on debut, they do deserve a round of a plause. My choice was CN Blue though. (More talent cough cough cough.) Lol my biases for live bands xD.

Most Improved Artist: T-ara
No comments. I personally don't know any of these groups xD Out of the people that were nominated, I actually chose U-Kiss. I don't know, maybe it's just me. However, all in all, I thought SHINee really made a huge improvement over the year. I guess they're not qualified though :)

Song Of the Year: Lucifer - SHINee
Personally, I loved this song. And hated it. It's a good song to listen to when you're in the mood but some days, it gets so repetitive it kills me. Um... I was slightly surprised to find out that SHINee recieved this award, I expected Super Junior or SNSD but hey, I'm not complaining. This song really does bring back memories for me considering it was the song that really got me into SHINee (well actually it was Taemin's hair in the video.) But yeah :) Congratz maknaes!

Story Of the Year: Shin Se Kyung and Kim Jonghyun dating.
Okay, I totally saw this coming (them winning the award, not the relationship.) And I voted for it too ^^ I am completely in love with Kim Jonghyun. And no kidding, this girl is the luckiest girl in the world. I agree with this vote because out of all the articles, this was the one that left the most impression on me. I hated the news but then I loved it. It made me so incredibly sad but at the same time, so very happy for Jonghyun. There's so much more to say but I relieve you from my heartbreaks.

Best Choreography: Lucifer - SHINee 
Haha before I talk about my reacion to the winner, I'll talk about my reaction towards the nominees. First of all, Hoot - SNSD. I completely fell down laughing when I saw that. I mean, you're kidding me right? SNSD? Hoot? Shooting arrows! How on Earth was that nominated for Choreography! Anyways, at first glance, I knew the finals were going to be Bonamana or Lucifer. (Oh by the way, I voted completely for Lucifer.) The reason why I chose Lucifer is because Bonamana's choreography is pretty repetitive. And I loved the finger pointing in Lucifer. That's all there is to it. ><; 2 awards for one song :) Congratz again!

Best Social Network Personality: Kim Heechul (Super Junior)
So basically, the one that blogs...a lot. Why must they make it sound so sophisticated? Kim Heechul my love. All the way. FTW! There were a few that dominated this year as well: Dara and Jay Park. (me2day & youtube/tiwtter.) However, tell me, who was the one that broke world records? Who was the one that ruled trends on twitter for a good 48 hours? I follow him myself and I can tell you one thing for sure, there's no other person that ever updates a million pictures of himself on an hourly basis that's better than him. Heenim <3 Ily!

So I have a few conclusions out of this.
1, Ranting about Kpop in the school library is tiring.
2. I should probably be working on my history considering I don't even know what I'm going to research on for my culminating activity that is worth 15% my final mark.
3. Mnet was rigged. I understand fan votes aren't all but this is enough to say. Just because they have a thing against SM doesn't mean that the artists themselves don't deserve the awards.
4. Kim Heechul will one day rule the universe with his twitting power and selcas.
5. Kim Heechul's cat will one day take over twitter to ><
6. 2010 was one dramatic kpop year. Btw too many rookies. Ewwwww.

Finally done~ Okay time to do history work!
Bye all~

Canada is a cold...cold....cold world.

Posted on 2011.01.03 at 22:09
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My hands are freezing right now as I type this. And as I sit here, I realized I don't have much to say.

Um...2011 is now here. I hope that every one (if not, anyone) reading this and even those that don't will have a wonderful and ambitious year. How old am I turning this year....hmmm. 16? Getting ready to crash a car in September.

I have so many things to look forward to this year actually. (Well work, looking forward to it is debatable.) A few things including:
-piano duet competition in April (first duet competition ever!)
-cruise in August ^^
-hopefully completing my self composed ballad cover of FT Island (which I started last year)
-other covers ^^
-Seungri's comeback!
-SS501 comeback!
-JYJ Korea comeback!
and much much more~

Anyways, gotta go now. Goodnight world~


Days 16-21;

Posted on 2010.08.24 at 22:28
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 Day 16: August 19th, 2010.

The only thing I remember from that day is me being bored to death because I wasn't allowed to go on the internet because our family over used the storage amount and therefore we had to pay extra per GB we added on to it. 

Day 17: August 20th, 2010.

That night (still internet less), I remembered that I was supposed to sleep early due to softball tourney early the next day. That didn't happen, I kept rolling around restlessly on my bed because...well I wasn't tired enough from the day. End of story.

Day 18: August 21st, 2010.
Big day! It was the last day of the softball season for me (which was my first softball season) we had an all-day tournament with our church league. Our first game was at 8:30 in the morning, thus we had to be there by 8 am to warm up. Dumb captains didn't arrive until 8:20 anyways, and they kept nagging us to make sure to be there early. That day, we went to quarter finals, into semi finals and then finally, after a long hard fight, we were in the finals. It was more than I'd expected, my cousins and team mates had never been in the finals before even after a few years. This year was my first year and it was pretty awesome getting there. Unfortunately, after almost a 2 hour game, we fell short a few runs (perhaps 2 or 3) and got crowned second place. It wasn't too bad though because we'd gotten our revenge from the team that had been first place throughout the season (we kicked them out at semi's even though they hadn't lost a game all season) it was an enjoyable experience. Afterwards, we went out for sushi buffet as our source of "comfort food." It was great, we didn't get home until 11 almost 12 at night.

Day 19: August 22nd, 2010

Day of softball banquet. So I was sitting home the whole day with nothing to do (still internetless) and then finally when it was 4 o'clock, I began getting ready for banquet. My first softball banquet, yipee. The food was pretty good, it could've been better but according to my fellow team mates, it was better than the past years so that was good. When it was time to go up for MIP and MAP awards, I was pretty surprised to get the MIP award. I mean sure, I never played the game in my life before but there were many rookies on our team too. Who's to complain though? I appreciated it. Honestly by the end of the night, I was pretty depressed to let my softball family go, they were basically my family for the whole summer and they taught me a whole lot about the game and brought me closer to God through fellowship and devotions. I can't imagine a team better than them when next year comes around. 

Day 20: August 23rd, 2010

That was yesterday wasn't it? Nothing happened, end of story.

Day 21: August 24th, 2010.

Well, that's today. Today I woke up late, completely by accident. I was actually planning to wake up earlier (around 9 ish) because at that time, both my parents are out of the house and I can record my covers peacefully without embarrassment or interruptions. Unfortunately, I slept in. At around 3 in the afternoon, I went over to a friend's house to just chill, do some recording and procrastinate for hours watching YouTube, talking and stuff. There's not much left to say now. BYE! BB signing out!

Random Fact # 8: My favourite Youtuber (who is also one of my biggest inspirations) is Alan Nguyen. Better known as Cityincolors.

Random Fact # 9: My Youtube account is "bbxcandy501."

Random Fact # 10: I am 15 this September, second year of highschool this fall.

Random Fact # 11: I have 5 posters of Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai), 1 album of Fahrenheit and 1 album of SS501.

Random Fact # 12: I've been watching Boys Over Flowers for almost 2 years, yet I haven't been able to finish the drama.

Random Fact # 13: I like the number 13.

Day 15; To-Do List

Posted on 2010.08.18 at 00:10
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 Collaboration To-Do List:


     -One Better Day (Thunder)  Finished recording on August 18,2010
     -Y [Group 1] (Thunder)  
     -I Don't Care (Minzi)
     -Only One Day (Jung Min)
~Super Junior
     -No Other [Group 1] (Yesung & Leeteuk) Finished recording on August 30, 2010
     -No Other [Group 2] (Heechul & Ryeowook)
     -Bonamana [Group 1] (Ryeowook)
     -Bonamana [Group 2] (Heechul)
     -Don't Don [Group 1] (Yesung)
     -U [Group 1] (Kyuhyun)
     -U [Group 2] (Ryeowook)
     -All My Heart [Group 1] (Yesung)
     -All My Heart [Group 2] (Ryeowook)
     -Don't Don Duet with [thebeatles3651] Finished recording on September 1st, 2010
     -It's You [Group 1] (Kyuhyun)
     -It's You [Group 2] (Sungmin)
     -Boom Boom [Group 1] (Sungmin)
     -Boom Boom [Group 2] (Ryeowook)
     -Sorry Sorry Answer Collab
     -Run Devil Run [Group 1] (Taeyeon)
     -Star, Star, Star [Group 1] (Jessica) Finished recording on September 1st, 2010
     -Star, Star, Star [Group 2] (Taeyeon) Finished recording on September 1st, 2010
     -Take Care My Girlfriend/Say No [Group 1] (Hyun Seung)
     -Lucifer (Taemin)
     -Ring Ding Dong [Group 1] (Taemin)
     -Ring Ding Dong [Group 2] (Key)
     -Noona, You're So Pretty [Group 1] (Taemin)
     -Noona, You're So Pretty [Group 2] (Key)
     -Mirotic [Group 2] (Yoochun) Finished recording on August 30, 2010
~F.T. Island
     -Don't Love/Saranghajimayo Duet


     -Just Dance remix (Taemin)
     -I'm Yours/I'll Be Missing You/Hey Juliet [Group 1] (Taemin)
     -I'm Yours/I'll Be Missing You/Hey Juliet [Group 2] (Key)

Chinese (Mandarin):

~Genie Zhuo
     -Romeo and Juliet (Genie)
     -Wo Ai Ni (Ella)
     -Ai Ne [Group 2] (Hebe)
     -Yi Yan Wan Nian Collab

Solo To-Do List:


     -Wings of the World
     -Yeongwontorok/Until Forever
~Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls)
     -I'm Smiling
~Super Junior
     -What If
     -The One I Love
     -I Believe
     -Wedding Dress
     -I Need A Girl
~FT Island
     -Saranghajimayo/Don't Love
     -Star, Star, Star
     -I'm In Love


~Kim Jeong Hoon
     -Boku Kimi Wo Aishiteru/ I Love You

Random Fact # 7: I record with a Blue Snowball. (Blue being the company.)

Days 7-14;

Posted on 2010.08.17 at 00:17
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Current Music: I'm Yours, I'll Be Missing You, Hey Juliet - COVERED BY SHINee!

There hasn't been much that's been going on in my life but here are a few highlights (?) of my last week or so that I didn't update for:

-Went to the zoo on August 10th, 2010. That was the day that I finished recording a short cover of Taeyang's "I Need A Girl." It was fun.
-Updated fanfiction. As many of my fanfic readers know, I made a mini "come-back" with a new Super Junior fanfiction as well as the third installment to my SS501 fanfic "Loving You More and More."
-Softball double-header. Which was only 3 days ago. We played two games back to back. The first game was against the first placed team in our league (who went completely undefeated so far) we lost that game. The second game was against my friend's team who was ranked somewhere lower down in the league. We won that game 12-2. Although it was a huge win, it would've meant a lot more if we were able to win the first game.
-Recently (actually only an hour ago) uploaded a cover of Tynisha Kelli's "I wish you loved me" which was a duet with my best friend. It was actually recorded over a week ago but I was too lazy to complete the harmonizing and mix.
-Had softball practice today. My teamate whom I'd just met earlier this summer during the start of the season is leaving back to Hong Kong this Thursday. Today was her last practice. Gonna miss her.
-Here's what I've been listening to a lot lately:

Upcoming Highlights:
-Uploading chapter 2 of "Loving You More and More" & Chapter 3 of "Life is Never as It Seems" (SuJu fanfic)
-Recording, Lots of recording.
*Solo cover (perhaps "Confessions" by Kim Kyu Jong of SS501 or Because I'm a Girl by Kiss)
*Thunder's part for "One Better Day" by MBLAQ
*Yesung, Leeteuk and Kyuhyun's part for "No Other" by SuJu
*Taeyeon's part for "Run Devil Run" by SNSD
*many many more collabs.
-Softball final tournament this Saturday (none of the standings really count until this point, for all we know, the last placed team could win first place if they win enough games.) Gonna be an intense day. First game starts 8:30 in the morning.
-Softball banquet, happening the day after the tourney. Enough said. Gonna be so much fun.
-School supply shopping. Back to school soon. So sad, but so excited, I got my private bus pass/card today, my bus stop time is 6:45 am. Yes, 6 o'clock in the morning. Absolute tor-ture. But still later than last year so it's all good.

Anyways, that's it for now. Just a long update as to what I've been up to and why I haven't been updating lately though no one is really reading this at all. Laters!

Day 5 & 6;

Posted on 2010.08.08 at 22:29
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 So I missed updating yesterday because I completely forgot about it. I was indulging on some "Hello Baby" SHINee's version and it was the cutest thing ever, Yoogeun is so cute! I watched the last episode today. It was sad, I cried at the end because the baby was all sad and stuff before leaving. On the bright side, there's an article on allkpop that shows a video of Yoogeun dancing to Lucifer by his "appas" which was the cutest thing ever.

Today I finished recording a cover of DBSK/Tohoshinki's Wasurenaide (which was written by Kim Jae Joong ) and it didn't turn out as well as I would've wanted it to be probably because I rushed the ending a lot and I was playing with the volume and didn't listen to the whole thing before mixing it all together and posting. But here's the link anyways:

And I also uploaded the "Because I'm Stupid" cover which I did earlier on this week:

That's it for now! Signing out!

Fact#5: I am 2 years, 2 months and 1 day younger than Lee Taemin of SHINee. 

Fact#6: I live in Canada.

Day 4; BlogTv-ing

Posted on 2010.08.06 at 23:30
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Nope, I'm not on blog TV, one of my favourite youtubers is. His name is Isaac Lee also known as izAKly on youtube, tumblr, twitter, blogtv and facebook. He's Korean and he's an awesome coverist. So check out his shows or his covers when you have the time. By the way, StillNotDavid is there too :)


So today I had an alright day. I woke up, had lunch and then went to my friend's house for some recording. It was pretty good, we got a lot of the vocals done, however I can't post anything up yet because we haven't mixed it all together yet or done the harmonizing. I'm a bit too lazy to do that right now. Have a softball game tomorrow, heading off to laser quest with my team after that for an outing. Gonna be fun :) Anyways, I'm watching BlogTV now, see you later!

Fact#4: Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng are my biases for SS501 members. 

Day 3;

Posted on 2010.08.05 at 23:38
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 For Some reason, I can't stop listening to this. 

SHINee love :) Taeminnie-oppa Saranghae!

So that's it for today's journal I'm tired as hell today from 3 hours of softball practice. Tomorrow I'm gonna be recording a cover at my friend's house. Here's the link for my previous cover: Because I'm Stupid by SS501. I need to redo it because I still haven't found a key that I can work all the verses and choruses under (still don't understand how the guys can do that)


I personally don't like the cover itself but hey, there's always time to redo. Anyways, singing out now! Later world!

Fact#3: I'm completely new to SHINee, yet I was part of the first 100 views of their Lucifer MV on Youtube. Why? Because I subscribed to SM for DBSK and Super Junior reasons. For some reason, that one day, I decided to give SHINee a try. Taemin will be my future husband probably because he's the only one in all Kpop industry that's in my age group :) 

Day 2; My Prince

Posted on 2010.08.04 at 19:04
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 Once upon a time, I dreamed that I had a prince. He was all that I ever wanted. Smart, caring, fun-loving, athletic and at times, maybe a bit on the ditsy side. But his flaws only highlighted his every perfection.

It wasn't until I had the dream that I realized, life is never perfect, love is never perfect. I've woken up now. I can't complain about what I have or don't have, but rather, I should be cherishing those around me and be thankful for what I had in the first place.

Don't worry, my prince had nothing to do with my past relationships because I'm fine now. My prince never existed in the first place, not in my sleep and not on Earth. It was merely what I looked and craved for in my life through daydreams thinking maybe, one day, the dream and reality that never took place, would run up to me and sweep me off my feet in one go. If only.

There's nothing more that I can ask for now. Sure, being stuck in an unrequited crush is painful and there was so much more to ask for before my life could even come close to 'perfect.' But I've matured now. I'm not going to fall heads over heels only to be broken all over again.

I have all those around me that love me and so much more. It's about time I woke up and started looking at my life in a more positive manner. The past is gone now, it can never be changed and it won't be. I've given myself some time to recover and what's done is done. I'm heading down a new path now. I'll meet you there some day-

My Prince.

Fact#2: I'm gonna be famous some day! Watch me!

Ready, Set, START! Day 1;

Posted on 2010.08.03 at 18:39
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Hello all people of this planet. I have no idea what on Earth a live journal is but I'm just here to have fun...kinda ish. This will be it for now? All you really need to know about me for today's post is that I'm a fanfiction writer at Asianfanfiction[dot]com under the name "forgotten_dreams." I do have a twitter and a tumblr which I am not sharing today and I am currently working on covers that will hopefully become Youtube and hopefully entertainment worthy some day. I am a firm support/fan/friend of SS501 and I will always keep the faith becuase they deserve it. They've given so much to their fans and are really sweet down to Earth people, it's about time us fans gave them some faith, support and love in return. I am also a firm supporter of DBSK which I don't need to explain any further, they are a group with a lot of potential and talent and I miss them a lot. Anyways, cheers for now. Bye bye!

Fact#1: I'm a hardcore SS501 fan. For always and forever.

(I'll be posting up one of those per day/per post)